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Daniel J DiAngelo

3924 Schiller Place, St Louis MO 63116 BBA -Marketing

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Experience in electrical engineering, technical sales, and a marketing degree make me a perfect candidate for a variety of positions.  I have experience in complex products and a mathematical intuition for processing numbers.  Yet my personality allows me to excel in a sales role.  I am analytical and personable a perfect balance. 

My degree, earned in 2004, touts a 3.68 major GPA and 3.31 Cum GPA.  I earned 6 Dean's lists and led most of my classes.  Every class project found me leading the group and being the driving force behind the creativity, financial analysis, and market research in addition to my leadership roles of organization and delegation. 

The technical sales came during my year with Radio Shack.  The primary function of a Radio Shack salesman is to solve problems.  Listening to the customer and determining their primary needs; then putting together the products that satisfy those needs. 

Finally, electrical engineering was my first major in college, one that I studied for 3 years.  I left that major because I wanted to move into business.   My experiences include work in power generation and aircraft testing as a project and systems engineer.

I believe this site can further detail my experiences, but for a more detailed review of my education and experience please email

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